Ultimate Rods founder Loris Shahoomian

Who loved fishing decided to follow his dreams and began the lifelong process of rod building in Australia.

Ultimate rods are hand crafted in australia

It began more than 20 years ago when Ultimate Rods founder, Loris Shahoomian decided to begin building his own fishing rods. It soon became an addiction and his quest for better and better products began. This quickly evolved into a business as well as a dedication and passion and so Ultimate Rods was formed. The goal was simple, high quality and innovative products at reasonable prices. The Ultimate Rods range has grown to cover nearly every aspect of Australian and international fishing requirements. Implementing state of the art technologies and materials and components sourced from across the globe, Ultimate Rods has developed the highest quality rods at the most affordable prices in the Australian market today and to top it off they are all hand built here in Australia. Our commitment is to develop the best possible fishing rods for any given application and provide them to our customers backed with the highest level of integrity and service.

Ultimate Rods Australia is also the Australian distributor of the following brands and products

Avet Reels

Raptor Rod Blanks and rod building products


Dave Carrington